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LFP 18650

SHENZHEN KOKO ELECTRONIC Co., Ltd, was founded in 2013, we are committed to provide customers with high-quality lithium iron phosphate batteries and solutions. The company has more than 10 years of OEM experience, has two major brands of "COOKO" and "JOYKOO", we have high-quality customers from overseas markets such as USA, Australia, South America, Europe, India, South Korea, Bangladesh and South Africa, and its performance has maintained rapid growth.

From the beginning, we require high quality standard with all the products, we established our own testing lab, which can testing all the cells and batteries functions, including safety function, like charging, discharging, over charge, over discharge, short circuit, hot oven testing, constant temperature humidity testing, vibration testing, needle puncture testing, also the performance function, like capacity testing, capacity retention testing, cycle life testing, high rate discharge testing etc.

In 2017, we try to give up lithium ion cobalt batteries and devote ourselves to the research and development of lithium iron phosphate batteries. because we think LFP batteries will be the future,It is more safe, long cycle lifespan, and it is much more green energy to the earth without using cobalt, which is a rare metallic material.

In 2019, we became a national high-tech enterprise, this is a bran-new beginning, we believe that innovation can open up the future, In the past four years, we have been working so hard for lithium iron phosphate batteries. In the hearts of our customers, we are loyal friends and reliable partners. 

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0.2C rate   2.5V cut-off

Internal Impedance 



Nominal Voltage 


From 3.65V to 2.5V

Charging Current(Std.)    



Discharge Current(Std.) 



Charging Voltage 


Discharging Voltage 


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